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How to move my site to a new server

If you’ve ever wondered about moving your website to a new web hosting company, and whether it’d be a real hassle, the answer is YES.

Moving to a new web hosting company, or a new server is A REAL PAIN IN THE BUTT!

That’s why I recommend you don’t do it.

That’s why I recommend you let someone else do it.

Hostgator is one of the world’s largest web hosting companies. And it just so happens that they’re the web hosting company where West Hills Web is located, and where we recommend you now host your website.

One of the reasons we recommend Hostgator, besides their reliability, their value ($10/month), and their 24-hour immediate tech support via chat and phone, is that they

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West Hills Web Hosting

For a while, we believed that it was better to run our own server, and for several years we did. We had our server hosted at a top-notch Los Angeles based data center, and the guys who maintained the boxes were wicked smart.

But now and then an issue would come up that we couldn’t handle quickly, either for us, or our clients. So, eventually we discovered that there was something more important than “local hosting”.

Uptime is important. Security is important. The latest technology is important. Reliability is important. 24 hour tech support is important.

That’s why, if you want your website hosted, you may as well have it hosted by

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How To Log Into Google Apps Email

How-To-Log-Into-Google-Apps-EmailGot Google Apps handling your email?

Lucky you. I use it too. (Here’s why I use Google Apps for Email).

So now you need to know how to set it up. Here’s how to do that.

Before we get started, though, let me explain a few things. Google is acting as your email server. That means that you will typically use some program (like Outlook or Thunderbird) to actually fetch, read, and send your email. So, you’ll see the instructions for how to set those up in the videos below.

On the other hand, you might just want to log in directly to a page on your browser to get your mail. That’s fine, too. And, if you follow my advice here, you’ll set it all up using something called IMAP, which means that all of the mail you receive will be

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Web Development

You work hard.
Your Employees work hard.
Shouldn’t your web site work hard?
If it doesn’t, then it wasn’t built by West Hills Web.

Let’s face it. Your web site wasn’t built for vanity. It was built for sales and marketing. And if it’s not doing it’s job, it should be fired.

At West Hills Web, we focus our efforts on your Online ROI. You have invested real money in your web site. But if it is just sitting there waiting for the occasional visitor, then it is costing you more money every day in lost opportunities.

Here’s what we do. . .


We’ll build you an excellent web site, appropriate for its purpose, but not overblown with useless technologies you don’t need (but which would have earned us high fees). Whether you are creating a corporate presence website for your traditional enterprise, or are opening an online store, we’ll design (or redesign) and

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