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What we find is that our new web development clients often need much more than just a new website. Whether businesses that are just starting out, rebranding or just preparing to grow larger need new business services in order to inspire and support that growth.

And what you may have found is that so many of the things a business needs are now far more technical, more marketing-oriented, and more important to your success than they used to be. That is why we offer a wide range of additional business services to help small businesses grow, and to Rank High and Sell More.

small business services

Logo Design

Your business needs an instantly memorable logo to represent your business on your website, your business cards, and all your marketing materials. We’ve designed dozens extremely effective logos that communicate who the company is and resonate with who the customer is. Talk to us about Logo Design.

G-Suite Email Setup

A business service that we all need is email that works. Your new world-class website needs world-class email, and while you can let your hosting company provide low-level email for you, you are far better off by paying a small fee and getting professional email services from Google. Their G-Suite not only gives you email, but also the world’s best spam filtering, ease of use, integrated contacts, calendars, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and much more.

We’ve set up G-Suite for dozens of companies, and we can do the same for you. Talk to us about G-Suite Setup.


When you think “business services” you may not immediately think about photos, but these days, the way you look online is how you look to the world. Great websites need great photography. We regularly use creatively-selected and appropriate stock photography to help your site look great and communicate its mission. But for many professional businesses, such as consultants, service organizations, attorneys and medical offices, the business is the people.

We need photos of you doing what you do best to truly communicate your message. That’s why we work closely with professional photographers to make your business and its staff look its best. We develop custom shot lists and have every photo taken for a specific purpose, not only for your website, but for other publicity needs you might have. Talk to us about Professional Photography.


Tired of taking business calls on your home or cell phone? Or do you have a physical phone system in your office that you’d like to replace? No problem. We work closely with virtual PBX providers to allow you to have a big business phone system on a small business budget...without buying any new phones!

We also work closely with VOIP providers to deliver phone service over your internet connection, simplifying your technology and improving the quality of your communications. Talk to us about Small Business Phone Systems.

Web Hosting

When we build your website, you can have it hosted at almost any qualified web host. But there is a difference in uptime, reliability, and the quality of support among web hosting providers. Our servers are configured exactly as we want them to be and tuned to show your website to the world reliably every time. Talk to us about Website Hosting.

Website Security

Not a week goes by that you don’t hear about a website being hacked. We’ve had new clients complain that they lost their old sites because the web host shut down, or that they tried to update their site themselves and the site broke, or that their site was infected with a virus and now it’s full of advertising for a long list of unmentionable distasteful things.

We have a solution for that, and it’s called our Security Assurance Service...one of the most valuable business services that we offer.

WordPress, the system that we use to build your website, is software. And within WordPress are usually dozens of other programs called Plugins and Themes. All of these pieces of software are upgraded frequently with new features or bug fixes. Some of those bug fixes are security holes being patched. Sites often get hacked because the software that runs the site was never updated.

Our Security Assurance Service updates all the software that runs your site weekly. Then we back up your data daily. We also provide an hour of free technical support for upgrades, changes, questions and lessons. And, if your site is ever hacked or lost -- no matter whose fault it is (even yours!) -- we will fix it, FREE.

When your business depends on your website, that’s the kind of assurance that you need. Talk to us about our Security Assurance Service.

Talk With Us About Business Services

Sometimes, the battle isn't getting stuff done as much as knowing what to do and who is going to do it for you. Our business services are designed to help small businesses start and grow. Let us help you and your business, too. Call us at 818-592-6370 or contact us today and let’s talk about getting your business on the right track.