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Web Success Made Easy

Web-Success-Made-EasyAre you curious about what makes a website successful?

Lots of people are. The thing is that the secret to a successful website is probably not what you think.

That’s because most people think a successful website is pretty.

Well, it can be pretty, but it doesn’t need to be.

What a website needs to do though, are seven very important things.

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Website Conversion Explained

Talk to anyone about their website and if they’ve got anything at all to boast about (besides how ‘pretty’ they think it is) is how much traffic they get (or don’t get).

One thing they almost never talk about is something that’s far less glamorous, but just as important: website conversion.

Website conversion is all about the question “What happens on your website when people land there?”

One of the great things about a well-designed website is that you can actually know exactly what happens to the people that visit your site. You can know if they buy something, or if they join your mailing list, or if they visit one page or five pages, or how long they stay on your site, and when and why they leave.

Heck, you can even find out why they

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What Is SEO and Why Do I Need It?

What-is-SEO-and-Why-Do-I-Need-ItIf you’ve been doing any research at all about building or improving your website, or have talked to anyone about “getting found” on the Internet, then you’ve probably come across the phrase “Search Engine Optimization“, or SEO for short.

So there’s a good chance you’re wondering what SEO is, and why you need it. Well, let’s get you some easy-to-understand and plain-English answers.

Search Engines, like Google and Yahoo and Bing, spend all their time scanning the internet looking for new content. They index and catalog everything, so that when someone like you searches for something…let’s say “Los Angeles Attorneys”…it has enough information to give you a list of websites — and specifically web pages — that match your search.

The problem is that there are hundreds, thousands, and perhaps millions of

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Why Your Website Is Probably 'Old Fashioned'

Why-Your-Website-Is-Probably-Old-FashionedI used to be a programmer, so doing something like building a website was EASY for me. Websites are built with a scripting language called “HTML”, which is basically a language that says “put these words here, and that line there, and this column over here”.

You get the idea.

So being a programmer was a great advantage when building website because each page of a site was basically a program that lays out a web page.

The websites we designed were not really designed to do or be anything except fancy online brochures. The idea was that someone could come see your website, ooh and ahh at it, and then call you up on the phone.

It was a LOT of work to build pages that way, and the result was that

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How Your Website Makes You Money

Maybe this page should be called “How your website SHOULD make you money.”

Here’s what I mean.

Far too many people think about what their site looks like. They care about the colors they pick. They care about their logo. Their photos. And, frankly they care a lot about making their site look pretty.

Well, that’s all well and good. You should care about those things.

However the one thing that none of those things will do is make you any money.

If you study this website, you’ll see that it’s a little understated. It’s not glitzy. It’s not fancy. And it’s certainly not “pretty” (heck, it’s got MY face on it). But what it does do is regularly and reliably attract the right kind of visitors, and then it turns those visitors into

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Why Web Hosting Is NOT Your Most Important Decision

Web-Hosting-Is-NOT-Your-Most-Important-DecisionThis may sound a little bit crazy, but your web hosting company is NOT the most important decision you should be making right now.

Honestly, deciding where to host your website is easy.

You want a place that offers incredibly boring, reliable and standard computers. You want industry standard tools to manage your website. You want excellent tech support when you have questions or issues, and you want it all for cheap.

Honestly, that’s easy. Just host your website here.

More important than your web hosting company is what you actually DO with your website. Because, after all is said and done, if your website doesn’t help you get more

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