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How To Set Up Google Apps Email In Thunderbird

After having several problems — daily and hourly — with Outlook while connecting to a Google Apps email server, I decided to switch to Thunderbird. (Using Outlook? Here is How to Set up Outlook for Google Apps Email)

Thunderbird is an open source (free) email client made by the same people who made Firefox. You can download a free copy of Thunderbird for either Mac or PC here. You’ll notice it is a lot like Outlook, but faster and more stable. Thunderbird also lacks the

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How To Set Up Google Apps Email in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is pretty much the standard email application for most users. In most cases, it’s because users don’t know about other options (like Thunderbird) or are just apprehensive about trying something new. You’ll see below how to set up Google Apps Email in Outlook. (But if you want to try Thunderbird, here is how to set up Google Apps Email in Thunderbird.)

Setting up your Outlook email client (or any other email app, for that matter) is pretty easy. It’s a lot like setting up email for any other kind of email account, except that Google has

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