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If you run your own small business, you are probably very good at what you do. But even being GREAT at what you do doesn’t make you great at telling the world about it. What YOU do and the MARKETING of what you do are two entirely separate things, and that’s why so many business owners have come to West Hills Web for Marketing Consulting and Coaching to help them Rank High and Sell More.

When marketing is done right, the selling is easy. Marketing is used to identify your target market, understand your target market, figure out what your target market wants (and doesn’t want), and to craft messages that makes your prospective client realize -- without a shadow of a doubt -- that YOU are the one and only one provider who can give them what they need.

Marketing Consulting

Marketing Consulting

In a Marketing Consulting engagement, our role is to be your manpower and knowledge resources for completing your marketing initiatives. In essence, we become your marketing department, sounding board and staff.

We build all or part of your marketing programs, run paid advertising programs (on Google, Bing and others), develop webinar series, run a product launch, write ad copy, build landing pages, create website content and more. We can also simply coordinate your existing marketing team, review their work and help to keep them on track to meet their goals.

Marketing Coaching

In a Marketing Coaching engagement, our role is to teach you how to run your own marketing initiatives. Many of our clients have not wanted to outsource their marketing tasks, but to bring those skills in-house. That’s what Marketing coaching is all about: transferring to you and your staff the knowledge you need to run your own marketing.

Whether you need you or your staff to learn writing for your website, blog writing, copywriting, Google Ads, marketing funnel design, SEO, Conversion techniques, or anything related to getting more clients for your business, we’re here to help you.

Let's Talk

If you’ve got a great product or service, but just don’t have enough customer or clients, let’s talk. One of our Marketing Consulting or Marketing Coaching programs may be the right choice to help you Rank High and Sell More. Contact us today, or call us now at 818-592-6370. We’ll schedule an initial consultation to assess your situation and come up with a solution for you.