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Security Assurance Service

Keeping your data secure is critical. That's why our Security Assurance Service is part of our Website Compliance Services, offered through our Web Compliance Pro division.

Both the GDPR and CCPA require that you protect your website's data. The cost of a breach can be as high as $22 million dollars for the GDPR and $7500 per breached record for the CCPA. California law also requires that breaches of Personally Identifiable Information must be reported to the Attorney General's office, who will post the breach on their website, and decide if criminal prosecution is appropriate.

Also critically important is the integrity of your company as it is represented on your company's website. Not a week goes by that you don’t hear about a website being hacked or damaged.

We’ve had prospective clients complain that they lost their old sites because...

  • The web host shut down
  • They tried to update their site themselves and the site broke
  • The only person with a login disappeared
  • Their site was infected with a virus and now it’s full of advertising for a long list of unmentionable and distasteful things.

We have a solution for that, and it’s called our Security Assurance Service...one of the most valuable business services that we offer.

Why Your WordPress Website Requires Consistent Maintenance

WordPress is the most popular content management system on the Internet, running just over one third of all websites. WordPress is software, and like all software it is imperfect and constantly evolving. And within WordPress you have "Themes" that control how the website looks (as well as certain functionality) as well as other programs called "Plugins" which enable additional features on your WordPress website.

All of these pieces of software are upgraded frequently with new features or bug fixes. Some of those bug fixes are to patch security holes. Sites often get hacked because the software that runs the site was never updated.

What is Our Security Assurance Service?​

Our Security Assurance Service is designed to keep your website and your data safe, and is our highly recommended companion service to our GDPR Compliance Service, our CCPA Compliance Service, and our Accessibility (ADA) Compliance Service. Here is what we will do for you when you subscribe:

  • Review your hosting and server configuration to assess whether it is suitable for the Website(s).
  • Install and configure our Uptime monitoring and support tools, and configure them to notify you when there is an issue with your website.
  • Install, configure, monitor and maintain a software firewall to protect your website from unauthorized access, hack attempts or errant plugins.
  • Monitor the WordPress Core, installed Theme, and installed Plugins on a weekly basis and perform updates when they are available.
  • As a bonus, we will provide Administrative and Technical support for the Website(s), up to one hour each month (and more for larger sites). Additional support is available at a discounted hourly rate.
  • Back up your website daily to our cloud-based backup system.
  • Optionally configure our system to save a weekly backup to your own cloud-based system, which is recommended for safe keeping.
  • And here's the most important part of the SAS: If your website becomes infected with malware, is deleted, and/or is lost due to server failure, we will repair your website, or restore it from our most recent daily backup.

When your business depends on your website -- and when there are severe penalties if you do not keep your data secure -- this is the kind of assurance that you need. Talk to us about our Security Assurance Service.

Are You Ready To Protect Your Website And Your Company?

The sooner your website becomes Compliant, the greater your chances of avoiding a nuisance lawsuit. Contact Web Compliance Pro today and let's get started.