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What Does It Cost To Build A Website?

What does it cost to build a website?

Well, that’s an excellent question. Unfortunately, it’s far easier to ask than answer.

That’s because the word “website” can mean a lot of different things, just like the word “car” can. Even though both a Toyota and Mercedes will get you across town in about the same amount of time, the Mercedes costs a lot more.

And so does a big dump truck.

Cars are personal things — we buy just what we want and need. And the same holds true for your website. And just as a car can have two doors or four, a 4-cylinder engine or a V-8, and a navigation system or a handy pocket for your Thomas Guide, there are lots of different features we can build into your website, too.

The difference, though, is that we can add just about anything to your website, regardless of

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How Your Website Makes You Money

Maybe this page should be called “How your website SHOULD make you money.”

Here’s what I mean.

Far too many people think about what their site looks like. They care about the colors they pick. They care about their logo. Their photos. And, frankly they care a lot about making their site look pretty.

Well, that’s all well and good. You should care about those things.

However the one thing that none of those things will do is make you any money.

If you study this website, you’ll see that it’s a little understated. It’s not glitzy. It’s not fancy. And it’s certainly not “pretty” (heck, it’s got MY face on it). But what it does do is regularly and reliably attract the right kind of visitors, and then it turns those visitors into

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Why Web Hosting Is NOT Your Most Important Decision

Web-Hosting-Is-NOT-Your-Most-Important-DecisionThis may sound a little bit crazy, but your web hosting company is NOT the most important decision you should be making right now.

Honestly, deciding where to host your website is easy.

You want a place that offers incredibly boring, reliable and standard computers. You want industry standard tools to manage your website. You want excellent tech support when you have questions or issues, and you want it all for cheap.

Honestly, that’s easy. Just host your website here.

More important than your web hosting company is what you actually DO with your website. Because, after all is said and done, if your website doesn’t help you get more

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West Hills Web Development

So here’s a question for you: When you want to have a new website developed for your company, do you need to work with a company that is nearby, geographically? For example, if your business is in West Hills, California, is it necessary to find a West Hills Web Development company?

Well, yes and now.

In the grand scheme of things, if your web developer knows how to do his business, being far apart isn’t an issue. There are tools that allow you and I to share a screen, and see exactly what the other is seeing, right on your computer screen. We’ve got the ability to do online video chat, send emails, send instant messages, and a few other cool things to make it seem as though we’re right next to each other.

Working together when we’re far apart has never been easier.

That said, there is one critical problem with being far apart from your website developer. If your business is a business that serves a local community, such as tradesmen (plumbers, carpenters), professionals (like lawyers and doctors) or even involved in something that is very much tied to the local community (such as a real estate agent), then

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