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Website Development and Design

Looking for a website development company to build your business website? There is one overriding purpose for a business website: to get you more business. The surprising fact is that you could be losing business right now...at this very moment...and there are three reasons this could be happening...

  • Your best prospects don’t know your website exists
  • Your best prospects get to your website and make an instant decision that “This is NOT the company for me!”
  • Your prospect gets to your website, looks around, and is just not motivated to “engage” with you to learn more, ask you questions, or do business with you at all.
Website development and design

What you really want, of course, is for your best prospects to…

  • Find you easily online
  • Get to your website, and
  • Instantly know that “These people understand me, they understand my problems and needs, and they know how to get me what I want!”

In short, you want your website to help you Rank High and Sell More.

Can Your Website Do That?

Because if your website does anything less than that, it’s working against you, not for you. Even worse, If you are paying for online advertising, paying for print or radio or TV advertising, or networking with other business professionals to get more business, your money and your effort are being wasted.

Let’s fix this problem for you.

Website Development and Design For Your Small Business

Whether you are an established business looking to improve your appearance online or a new company that needs to look as well established as your competition, our approach to website development and  design is to build your site as a part of your overall marketing strategy.

Our web development process works this way…


We learn about your clients or customers, their problems and needs, and what they think their solutions might be. Then we learn about you and your business, and how you do what your client needs you to do. Without this understanding, no website (regardless of how pretty) will get you more business.


Many people underestimate the importance of the writing that goes onto their website. They think that if they just say what they do, that’s enough for a website visitor to decide to do business with them. We know that’s not true, so we write content for your website that not only speaks to your best prospects, but speaks as they speak.

And that all starts with the words that your clients and customers use to describe their problems, their wishes and who they are looking for (presumably YOU!). We use those words as part of our overall SEO strategy to get your website ranked well on Google. We have an amazing track record of getting clients on page one of Google for their most important keywords within a very short period of time.


Design is an integral part of your website, and the very first thing that may impact your visitors. So it needs to be compelling, fit the content, and represent your business as the professional company that it is. Whether we are building an attorney site helping accident victims, a doctor’s site about treating diseases, a small business site promoting services, or an ecommerce site selling products, the design of the site is part of the message.


We build all our clients’ websites using WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system. That means your site will be editable by you, once it’s done. (Training is included with every site.) That also means that your website’s technology is built on the most state-of-the art technology, will be built for browsers of all kinds, including Desktop PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Phones.

In fact, mobile phones account for well over half of all website traffic these days, and the percentage is growing. That’s why we build our sites with a “mobile first” process that ensures your mobile website visitors will have a great experience on your site.


While not strictly part of the website development process, we always keep attracting visitors in mind when building your site. Web pages built for SEO are inherently different than those built for paid advertising. So once your website is built, we can start generating traffic for you from day one. See our Online Marketing services for more information about this.


If your website doesn’t convert your visitors into leads, and help you convert your leads into clients, then it’s not doing its job. That’s why every site we build is “conversion-focused.” Our website development process includes using a combination of compelling and emotional text, eye-leading design, and marketing techniques that most regular “designers” don’t even know about.

What Should You Do Now?

If you’d like your website to rank high and sell more, let’s talk! Without our website development process, you could be losing business every day and not even know it. So the sooner we chat, the better. Call us at 818-592-6370 or contact us today.