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What Does It Cost To Build A Website?

What does it cost to build a website?

Well, that’s an excellent question. Unfortunately, it’s far easier to ask than answer.

That’s because the word “website” can mean a lot of different things, just like the word “car” can. Even though both a Toyota and Mercedes will get you across town in about the same amount of time, the Mercedes costs a lot more.

And so does a big dump truck.

Cars are personal things — we buy just what we want and need. And the same holds true for your website. And just as a car can have two doors or four, a 4-cylinder engine or a V-8, and a navigation system or a handy pocket for your Thomas Guide, there are lots of different features we can build into your website, too.

The difference, though, is that we can add just about anything to your website, regardless of where we start.

So, let me ask you:

  • What’s the purpose of your website? Is it to attract leads so you can close the deal personally? Or are you selling or renting something directly from your website?
  • Want Lead Sales Leads? You probably do, and building a lead generation system into a website is something that we almost always do. Less than 1% of people who visit websites buy something. But if you capture a lead, you greatly increase the chances of them coming back later to buy from you.
  • Need a Shopping Cart? Lots of websites are built to just generate leads, some are built to make sales, and others are built to do both. But if you want to sell stuff online, then we’re going to build that into your site for you. There are lots of ways to do that, and a few real great ones that we use that can get you up and running and making sales online in no time.
  • Want “Members”? A membership site is a fantastic way to build and create a real online business. Recurring billings can be a wonderful thing for your business, if it fits your business model.
  • How large a site do you need? If you’ve got a dozen different services, each with 15 pages of information, then that site is a lot larger than a 10-page lead generator site.
  • What do you want your website to say about you? Quick! Look at your current website for a split second, then close your eyes. Without reading one word, what does the site actually “say” to you? What is it’s message? Are you artsy and creative? Are you down-to-business? Does it say “trustworthy” and “reliable”? Do the animated graphics scream out “1997! and “change me!”We’ll build your site to convey the right message to your visitors, so that they know they’re in the right place even before they read a single word.
  • Got Written Materials? If you do, and they’re written in a way that we can use or modify them easily for your new site, then we will. In my experience, though, materials written without Search Engines in mind, and without some solid copywriting tactics incorporated into the site, often have to be totally rewritten anyway.
  • Do you already have tons of visitors? Whether you do or don’t have existing and continuous website traffic, I’ve yet to meet anyone who says that they don’t want more. That’s why we design each site with the Search Engines in mind– especially Google. And that’s also why we offer and recommend ongoing link building and content-creation services, so that you get to the top of Google and stay there.
  • Does your business never, ever change? Some businesses never do change, but others add new services and new products all the time. Sites can be built to make that easy for you to do, or we can do it for you on a continuing basis.

There are, of course, more subtleties to websites than these, but now you have an idea of the kinds of things that can vary the time it takes to develop a website, and the investment you’ll be making in your site.

That said, sites can range from a couple thousand dollars into the tens of thousands of dollars.

But you and I will figure that out.

When we start working together, the first thing we’ll do is decide on all of the features you need. We’ll talk about your own goals with your business, and how your website fits into that. We’ll talk about and leverage your old website and marketing materials as much as we can to bring the costs down and shorten development time, and we’ll work on new materials as much as we can so that we can get done what you need and want.

You’ll get a high quality website that acts as a magnet to the search engines, and a lead conversion machine for your visitors.

If what you want is a website that grows your business, your investment will be well worth it. Let’s talk.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer