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Why Your Website Is Probably 'Old Fashioned'

Why-Your-Website-Is-Probably-Old-FashionedI used to be a programmer, so doing something like building a website was EASY for me. Websites are built with a scripting language called “HTML”, which is basically a language that says “put these words here, and that line there, and this column over here”.

You get the idea.

So being a programmer was a great advantage when building website because each page of a site was basically a program that lays out a web page.

The websites we designed were not really designed to do or be anything except fancy online brochures. The idea was that someone could come see your website, ooh and ahh at it, and then call you up on the phone.

It was a LOT of work to build pages that way, and the result was that the pages you created were almost set in stone, because it was such a pain to change anything.

But things are different these days.

The right way to create a website is no longer by hand, from scratch. No, instead, the right way to create a website is by “cheating” and using something called a “Content Management System” or CMS.

With a CMS, you can add pages in mere minutes, and have that page automatically added to your website, your website’s menu, be almost instantly found by the search engines.

If you use the right CMS, and use it the right way, you’ll discover a few very important things.

  1. It’s far easier and cheaper to build your website
  2. It’s far easier and cheaper to maintain your website
  3. It’s far easier to get your website ranked highly by the search engines
  4. It’s built to interact with your current and potential customers
  5. Your customers will like your site better, and find what they need more quickly
  6. Your customers will be much more likely to buy from you

Those are all good things…and we’re just barely scratching the surface here.

The CMS that I build all my sites on, and all of my customer sites on, is called WordPress. WordPress is most often described as a “blog” but I think you’ll admit that the site you’re looking at right now doesn’t look much like a blog at all.

That’s because WordPress totally separates the “look” of your site from the programming of your site and from the content of your site. So, even though we’ll spend time making your site look “just right” to convey the right message to your clients, if you ever needed to change or update it, you can do that quickly and easily (and I can do it for you even faster than that.)

And here’s a bonus…

WordPress websites are designed to work very well with Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and all of the other important social media sites that you know you need to be using to build your business.

That’s why, if your site is built using plain old HTML, even if you just built it last week, it’s already old fashioned.

If you want your business to be found by people who are looking for you right now, whether you have me or someone else do it for you, build your website on a WordPress Blog.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer